Iron Socket VPN Service Review


Iron Socket offers VPN service powered by numerous other proxy services such as, SOCKS 5 proxy, HTTP proxy and DNS proxy services. Iron socket tries to help you make your online internet browsing experience better by providing full privacy of your browsing sessions from unwanted monitoring of your activities by any commercial or governmental organizations. The Iron Socket VPN service offers public place hot spot securities to its customers. The VPN service of this company also offers the unblocking services for numerous geographical restricted websites and entertainment channels. Iron Socket is a new brand name of its old services called as ‘Hide My Net’ or HMN; the HMN has been providing the privacy services to its customers since 2005. The HMN services have been revamped and transformed into modern 3rd generation privacy services, which are based on the latest technologies available in the marketplace in the year 2013.  The headquarters of the company is located at the following address:


Iron Socket Private Limited

Hong Kong City,

PR of China

Official website:


The company owns more than 53 VPN servers located at different locations in more than 36 countries across the world. These servers are powered with different features and capabilities to offer multiple layers of security. The pricing plans for VPN services of this company are very competitive and offer numerous add-ons associated with those pricing plans. All plans are powered by the unlimited bandwidths and support for unlimited devices to connect to the VPN servers.

Pricing Plans

Iron socket VPN service pricing plans are very competitive in the marketplace. It offers three main pricing schemes, which are standard plans and offer substantial discounts on larger plans. These plans are listed below.

1 Month Plan: For $6.99/month and all standard features and capabilities

6 Month Plan: For $5.99/month, 14% discount ($35.95/6 months), and all standard features and capabilities

1 Year Plan: For $4.16/month, 40% discount ($49.95/1 year), and all standard features and capabilities

All three pricing plans are covered under 7-day money back guarantee schemes, 3 VPN and proxy connections, and public hotspot or Wi-Fi protections. The Iron Socket website supports many payment methods such as Master/Visa credit cards, American Express cards, PayPal, Discover networks, and others. It supports anonymous payment through multiple gift cards of different companies and bitcoin digital currency. All payments are made through secure connections to provide industry level security to e-commerce transactions.

Features & Advantages

The Iron Socket VPN services have different features that look very competitive in the marketplace and create a good impression for this website. These features belong to commercial competitiveness, technical capabilities, customer support and other segments of VPN services. The most important features of this service and subsequently the value created for users in the form of advantages are listed below.

  • Simple and easy to understand web interface
  • Market competitive pricing plans
  • Support for 7-day money back guarantee scheme on all three pricing plans
  • Does not record any traffic, activity, file transfer, DNS or even period logs at all.
  • Supports 3 simultaneous VPN connections with unlimited proxy connections on all plans
  • Supports all types of devices such as PC, Android, smart phones, tablets, iPads, and others.
  • Support for public hotspot shield and Wi-Fi security.
  • Offers unlimited bandwidth and many geographical restricted channels and websites to be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • The VPN client software is very simple and easy to use; it takes a very little time to install on any device.
  • A good network of VPN servers (over 53 servers) located across 36 countries around the globe.
  • Supports multiple proxy services such as SOCKS 5 proxy HTTP proxy and others.
  • Uses high level of security based on 256 bit encryption
  • Uses the best security protocols available in the marketplace such as OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, L2TP/IPSec and others.
  • Supports multiple operating platforms such as Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, DD-WRT and others
  • A large number of servers located in the USA and UK to offer better speeds to the customers.
  • The normal speeds of VPN connections offered by Iron Socket are reasonably good.
  • More than 20 servers of Iron Socket support point to point P2P file sharing, which is a commendable feature for a VPN provider.
  • Offers professional grade customer support with the help of a team of professional engineers that are more capable to handle the technical queries of the customers easily.
  • The support is available 24×7 through multiple modes of communications such as email and system tickets and social media.
  • There is technical forum and blog to resolve technical issues
  • Uses 106 shared IPs to provide flexibility of internet access.
  • The detailed procedural guides are available for immediate support.
  • The website is certified under “Trust Guard” security scanner.
  • Offers a lucrative referral scheme to earn substantial commissions on the sale of subscriptions.
  • Offers 14% discount on 6 month plan and whopping 40% discount on 1 year plan.

Disadvantages & Downsides

The VPN service offered by Iron Socket is designed to provide competitive advantage to the company; it has many good features and advantages to offer, but still there are some disadvantages of this service to note. These downsides of the service are given below.

  • The customer support is not provided through live chat that is a big disadvantage in this fast paced world.
  • There is no free trial period; you need to register and pay to assess the service.
  • There is a disparity in pricing plans; the monthly plan is comparatively costlier than long term plans, especially annual plan.