How to Configure SmartDNS on Amazon Fire TV?

How to Configure SmartDNS on Amazon Fire TV?

Take the following procedures to configure the smart DNS service on Amazon Fire TV.

Step – One: Subscribe to Smart DNS Service

To enjoy regionally restricted content on Amazon Fire TV, you need to subscribe to any good smart DNS service.

  • Research on the internet for the suitable smart DNS service provider
  • Register the service by providing personal and payment information on the selected website
  • Note down your username and password as well as the IP addresses of the smart DNS proxy servers

Note: Your existing IP address is automatically registered in the database of the smart DNS Company; in case you the IP address changes you will have to update the same in the database by visiting your service subscription. And of course you can also bypass Amazon Instant Video blockings.

Step – Two: Find Your Changed IP of Your Internet Router

You can do it by two ways as discussed below; you can take any one of them.

  1. Open browser on your computer that is connected to the same internet connection. Enter and hit the return key. You would be presented with your existing IP address.
  2. Open the command prompt on your computer and type the ipconfig Strike the enter key. You would be presented with the IP address, Mac Address of your computer along with the Gateway IP Address, which is (mostly) the IP address of your router. You can update that IP address in your smart DNS subscription.

Step – Three: Setting Amazon Account Configurations

First of all, you need to make some changes on your Amazon account, if you are already registered; otherwise, you need to create a new account on Amazon. Once you have a valid account, take the following procedure to make changes on the account.

  • Click the Your Account link and then click the 1-Click Settings link activate the option
  • Click the Manage Your Content and Device link, then the Country Settings
  • Change the country to the United States

Step-Four: Configure Smart DNS on Amazon Fire TV

Take the following procedure to configure Amazon Fire TV.

  • Choose Settings >>Systems>>WiFi The details of Wi-Fi connection appears.
  • Select your own Wi-Fi network and click to forget it with the help of button with three lines on it.
  • Press to select to search the active networks.
  • Select your Wi-Fi network and enter the username and passwords to register.
  • Click on the Advanced. The IP address options appear.
  • Enter the IP address of the same class other than the router IP in your place network.
  • In the Default Gateway field, enter the IP address of your router that you found in step-two.
  • Enter 24 in the Network Prefix Length Click the Next option.
  • Enter the smart DNS server IPs that you received from your DNS service provider in step-one. Your configuration is completed successfully.

Important Notes:

  • Always keep the 1-Click option activated on your Amazon account
  • The country settings of your account should be set to United States.
  • Sometime, you may need to restart your device for your configurations to take effect