How to Configure Smart DNS Service on iPad and iPhone?

How to Configure Smart DNS Service on iPad and iPhone?

The configuration of smart DNS on iPad and iPhone devices can be configured by following three major steps as mentioned below.

Step – One: Smart DNS Service Registration

It is very first step to register with the service providers of smart DNS. To register with a good smart DNS service provider, take the following procedure.

  • Find out the best smart DNS service provider through online research.
  • Follow the registration procedure of the selected service provider.
  • Write down the smart DNS server IPs and username and password provided by the service provider.

Step – Two: Getting Router IP

When you register with the desired DNS service provider, it automatically registers the IP address of your router. If the IP address of your router changes, the service provider will require you to get your new IP registered. To register your changed IP, you need to know about it. Take the following procedure to get the IP of your router.

  • Visit You will be provided with the existing IP of your router.
  • Another way to get the IP address, start command prompt on your internet connected computer and run “ipconfig” command; it returns you the default gateway, which is you’re the IP address of your internet device.

Step-Three: Device Configuration (iPad & iPhone)

Third step is the most important step to configure smart DNS on iPhone & iPad devices. Take the following procedure to configure your devices step by step.

  • On your iPhone or iPad device, tap the Home The home screen of you device appears.


  • Tap the Settings icon on your home screen. The settings details appear in the left navigation pane.
  • Tap the Wi-Fi link. The list of all Wi-Fi networks appears.
  • Tap the small arrow besides the desired active Wi-Fi network.


  • The details of the selected active Wi-Fi network with editable tabs and options appear.


  • Tap the DNS box to activate and remove the existing DNS IP address, if any.
  • Enter the new DNS IP address that you wrote on the paper while registering with the DNS service provider company in the first step of this tutorial.
  • Tap the Home button again, once you are done with the configuration of the smart DNS IP addresses.
  • Start the browsing of the restricted website media. You would find that you are able to access the regionally restricted content on your iPhone and iPad devices smoothly.

Important Notes:

  • It is very important to register your existing IP address in the database of smart DNS service providers every time it changes. You should take the Step Two to find out your existing IP address.
  • Sometime, streaming does not run, in such case, the restart of the devices can be helpful.
  • The procedures to register the new IP addresses in the smart DNS service providers database varies provider to provider. For more details on this issue, you can consult your service provider.