Best Smart DNS for Samsung Smart TV

Consumers looking for the best Smart DNS for Samsung Smart TV will have a number of questions in mind prior to signing up for any Smart DNS service. One of the principal reasons for using Smart DNS is to unblock geographically restricted content and streaming popular media services from anywhere in the world is a distinct possibility with Smart DNS. When this streaming content is available on Smart TV viewers obtain the best visual and audio experience, with incredibly fast data transmission speeds.

Many Smart DNS providers publish a list of unblocked channels on their websites and Smart DNS works on any Internet-enabled device, so a Smart TV is no exception. However one main question posed by Samsung Smart TV owners on which Smart DNS service best suits the television is unanswered. With Unlocator it’s possible to trial the Smart DNS service for free for seven days. User queries regarding optimizing Smart DNS for Samsung Smart TV will all be answered within this period of time. During the free trial period users can check out the variety of streaming services available for the Samsung TV, these include Hulu, Amazon Video, Disney, Sky Go, BBC iPlayer and Al Jazeera. Once Smart DNS from Unlocator is connected to any Samsung Smart TV it’s possible to browse the available channels as if the connection is established in another country.

Connecting the Samsung Smart TV direct to Unlocator Smart DNS is simply a matter of changing the DNS setting on the television. Users need to select Menu first, then choose Network,in the Network menu it’s necessary to choose IP Settings and alter the DNS setting to Enter Manually. The DNS Server then needs inputting as After the user has selected OK, the television will perform a connection test. Once the connection test is complete, the user selects Close and the television will then need to be restarted. Alternatively, where a router is in use, changing the DNS setting on the router will allow Unlocator to be connected to all available devices in the home.

The Unlocator Smart DNS service works by intercepting the log in request from geographically restricted channels and allocating an acceptable IP address to the Samsung Smart TV so the provider channel permits access to the available media content. After successfully trialling Unlocator Smart DNS, customers can sign up for a monthly plan.