Best Smart DNS for LG Smart TVs

Overplay provides one of the best Smart DNS services on the market at present, and is more than ideal for LG Smart TVs. Overplay Smart DNS can be installed on any Internet-enabled device, allowing streaming from any popular media channel around the world.

Signing up for Overplay Smart DNS is just a simple matter of following the instructions on the website and then it will be easy to set up any LG Smart TV or other Internet-enabled device for Smart DNS. Adding Smart DNS to an LG Smart TV just entails switching the DNS code on the television for the Smart DNS code supplied by Overplay. Once installed customers can access media streaming from popular channels in a variety of countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. Just some of the popular United States channels unblocked by Overplay include Disney, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, Discovery, Fox Now and MTV US.

One reason for signing up for Smart DNS with Overplay is the large number of servers they offer, in 48 different countries. This enables unblocking of popular channels in a variety of worldwide locations, some Smart DNS providers only really unblock channels in the United States or United Kingdom. Another great reason for signing with Overplay is the fact the Smart DNS can be combined with a virtual private networking (VPN) plan, giving complete online security for all data transmissions. Where customers have ongoing concerns about privacy on the Internet, this account is ideal.

The great benefit of Smart DNS over VPN is that streaming speeds are at original levels, a VPN tends to slow down transmission speeds due to the high levels of encryption. Where customers cannot access popular sites around the world this is a fantastic service, allowing streaming direct to Smart TVs, laptops or mobile devices.

With Overplay Smart DNS the customer can change the DNS lookup on a variety of devices so they can all stream media. This is great for busy households where kids may wish to stream music and video channels and parents want to stream popular television series. Overplay Smart DNS is ideal for LG Smart TVS or any other Smart TV, as well as games consoles such as Play Station or Wii, Android, iOS or any computer.

Sit back and enjoy streamed media from across the world in the comfort of any home environment with Overplay Smart DNS.